UFO 907 to Crash Land KINGSTON’S O+ FESTIVAL (Oct 5-7)

Wastedland 2 follows three solitary vandals (played by Wolftits, Avoid, and Smells) as they roam from one graffiti drenched zone to the next in a never-ending search for beer, weed, a wall to paint, and the answer to their unanimous question of their futility- “what’s the point?!”


UFO 907 outside the Hudson Basilica waiting on a train South. (photo by William Teeth)
Amoeba and Wolftits encounter the UFO spaceship in a field somewhere. (film still)
After traveling the country on a 40 plus city tour- the spaceship from the film (by UFO 907 and William Thomas Porter) has been lurking trackside since July at the Basilica in Hudson, NY patiently waiting to hop a train back home to Kingston, NY.
Ninth Annual O+ Festival October 5-7 KINGSTON POP MUSEUM 672 Broadway Kingston, NY 12401
OPENING NIGHT!!! Friday Oct 5th: Wastedland 2  Immersive film installation  Doors: 6:30pm  Films: 7:30/ 8:30p Music: 9-11p Kingston’s own DJ Bufflo (FTV), Camp Heroes, & Blahsum from Brooklyn
Saturday Oct 6th: Wastedland 2 immersive film installation and film scrrening every hour on the hour. Doors open at Noon. Live Art Competition  2-7p Music by DJ Bufflo & live performance by Ramona Lane.  Live Art Competition featuring BoogieREZ, Skatchface, ENZ, Whitney Luedtke, and Annabelle Popa with winner announced at 6p.
Sunday Oct 7th: Wastedland 2 immersive film installation & completed paintings from Live Art Competition on view 12-5p. Film screens every hour on the hour.
EXHIBITING ARTISTS INCLUDE: Adam VOID, Amy Smalls, Andrew H. Shirley, DARKCLOUDS, EKG, George Vidas, Greg Henderson, NOXER, Ryan C. Doyle, SMELLS, UFO 907, William Thomas Porter, WOLFTITS and site specific rap letters by Kingston’s own FTV crew and friends





JULY 2018

WED 7/4  A Bright Future (w/ Jack Walls & DJ Tedd Patterson/ DJ Uncle Rudy) Basilica Hudson Hudson, NY
SAT 7/14 WHO AM I? (if i’m not myself)  Apohadion Theater Portland, Me Films at 7 & 9p
SUN 7/15 WHO AM I? (if i’m not myself) AS220 Providence, RI Films at 7 & 9p
THUR 7/19 EMBRACE THE CHAOS (group show) Love City Love Seattle, Wa.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 5.08.36 PM.png

Please join us for an ongoing film series WHO AM I? (if i’m not myself)  , a series of short films from American freaks, villains, and outsiders reflecting on the current state of subversive communities and the importance of  artistic expression as dissidence in today’s social climate- featuring new work from Anarchist -Art collective INDECLINE, freight train traveling artist SWAMPY, and Andrew H. Shirley’s existential graffiti-strewn fantasy WASTEDLAND 2.
Curated by The Superior Bugout.
7/12/18 PRESS: The Portland Phoenix Dance Card- 12 Things to Do (#7)

PORT.pngPORT 2.png

PHOTOS FROM 5/13/18 in KCMO at The Cannonball Roarers illicit screening PUNGK. Featuring a spectacular accordion pre-show by JORDYN in the decaying concrete RUINS.
PRESS 5/15/18 DETROIT METRO TIMES: Art collective behind naked Trump statues to exhibit new work in Detroit showcase by Violet Ikonomova
Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 10.00.49 AM.png
Flags in the windows of a abandoned building in Detroit by Amy Fisher Price.
FILM REVIEW 5/13/18 by EYE DREAM TV: Wastedland 2: Spirit Animal Graffiti Artists Wonder Through Anarchic Landscapes, Looking for Answers  by Sara Debevec

APRIL / MAY 2018


Sat April 21 LA is Trying to Kill Me x Digital Death Film Fest Superchief Gallery L.A.

Sat May 5 Center for Science and Wonder Las Vegas, NV.

Sat May 12 Mission Wolf – Wolf Sanctuary (Private Event) Westcliffe, Co.

Sun May 13 Mother’s Day Punk Party  TBD Kansas City, Mo.

Wed May 16 KO Gallery Hamtramck, Mi.


In 2017 Wastedland 2 traveled in a 15′ box truck on a epic self produced tour, landing in over 50 spaces across the U.S.A. – collaborating on site specific events with vandals, performers and artists at each stop and sharing the immersive install with thousands of individuals.
Highlights included – illegal screenings in a West Oakland freight train yard & under a bridge in Kansas City, multiple shows with Superchief Gallery in L.A., NYC and a screening at Miami Art Basel  (sponsored by Juxtapoz / Adidas) with skateboarders flying through the frame of the film for several hours.
PRESS: Please read here (covered in over 30 media outlets …)
Feel free to contact wastedlandtour@gmail.com with any interests regarding collaborative efforts or including Wastedland 2 in future programming. Thank you for your support !!!
Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 9.52.25 PM.png
Wastedland 2 x Juxtapoz x Superchief Gallery x Adidas at Miami Art Basel (photo by Luk Wam)
Illegal Wastedland 2 screening inside a Kansas City bridge  (photo by Jaclyn Danger UMKC article here)
Inside the “Anything Helps” shack by ADAM VOID at Make Art Work in Detroit (photo by Phil Conners / Huffington Post article here)
Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 9.57.36 AM
Packed house and smiles everywhere at Downtown L.A’s Superchief Gallery  (photo by Tod Seelie / Vice article here)
 Artists in the exhibition include ADAM VOID, Amy Smalls, CASH4, DARKCLOUDS, EKG, George Vidas, Greg Henderson, NOXER, RAMBO, Ryan C. Doyle, SMELLS, UFO 907, William Thomas Porter, WOLFTITS.



VANDALOG 10/25/17 “Andrew H. Shirley’s Traveling Sideshow Visits Superchief Gallery for Halloween” by Rhiannon Platt “In many ways Wastedland 2 created not only a new platform of film exhibition, but perhaps exemplified the idea of collaborative action and support from a community that is sometimes over looked …”krsue 2.jpgWastedland 2 at Trust Collective in Portland, Or. UFO Flag by Amy Smalls. (photo by Daniel Kruse)
MASS APPEAL 9/25/17 “Hey You’re Cool! Graffiti Artist UFO 907” by Lei TakanashiProjecting the film onto an old freight train, cinderblock wall, a barn or dank old factory building truly puts the viewer into the movie. During his showing in Detroit, freight trains were rolling by during our screenings—that couldn’t have been more perfect,” UFO 907.   Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 10.06.52 AM.pngRyan C. Doyle and UFO’s Williamsburg Guy at Knockdown Center.  (Photo by Luna Park)
BEDFORD AND BOWERY 9/15/17:  “Wastedland 2 Is an Art Show of Post-Apocalyptic Proportions” by Nick McManusFullSizeRender.jpgDirector Andrew H. Shirley with NYC artist Russell Murphy (photo by Nick McManus).
BUST MAGAZINE 9/10/17: “Spray-Painting Your Existential Crisis” by Bri Kane
BROOKLYN VEGAN 9/1/17: Ninjasonik & more playing graffiti artist UFO’s “Wastedland 2″ installation in Brooklyn by Bill Pearis
Title track  “Wasted Land” by Unstoppable Death Machines … Music video by Andrew H. Shirley





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NYC PREMIERE: 9/15/17 “Wastedland 2” Immersive Film Installation Ends Year-Long National Tour at Knockdown Center

Knockdown Center is pleased to present “Wastedland 2,” a nomadic site-specific, immersive film installation. Created by artist Andrew H. Shirley, along with the members of the notorious Brooklyn-based 907 graffiti crew, the installation’s environment uses the post-apocalyptic tableau from the film of the same name to allow the viewer to enter the psychology of the film’s narrative, redefining the way one traditionally engages with film and artwork. “Wastedland 2” poses questions of fate and the self, while exploring graffiti folklore through wordplay, sculpture, artifacts, and characters that appear in both the film and the installation. This special one-day event takes place FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 15th with an opening reception from 7pm – Midnight, Screenings at 9 and 11p. Music performances will take place throughout the evening.

Artists in the exhibition include ADAM VOID, Amy Smalls, CASH4, DARKCLOUDS, EKG, George Vidas, Greg Henderson, NOXER, RAMBO, Ryan C. Doyle, SMELLS, UFO 907, William Thomas Porter, WOLFTITS.



images52-19 Flushing Ave, Maspeth, NY 11378


IOWA CITY 6/2/17 LITTLE VILLAGE MAGAZINE:  “Graffiti-inspired exhibition, ‘Wastedland 2,’ features the post-apocalyptic at RADinc.” by Paul Osgerby … The Road represents the psychology of unbridled self-examination; it feeds the ever-changing environs of the present moment with a landscape that never settles. Hopping trains, graffitiing in the night and (if you’re lucky) sleeping on a friend’s floor […] These moments heighten one’s awareness of what surrounds them, but, most importantly, what surrounds them inwardly, Shirley explains. “All of that is incorporated constantly into the narrative of my work,” he says. “But I think it’s total immersion. I think it has a reflexive feeling in both the film and the exhibition we put on.”Wastedland-HL.jpgInstall in Process in the front window of RADinc. with wooden sculpture by UFO 907 (photo by Zak Neuman)
RENO  5/19/17 PT/FT:  “Wastedland 2 at the Holland Project” by Tucker Rash … “Visitors of the exhibit soon found themselves seated at two rows of church pews in front of a makeshift projector screen made of a whitewashed piece of wood hung from the ceiling by chains. The pews and the people in them were arranged in close quarters like a group of some ancient species gathered around a campfire to tell stories …”1495208051054.jpegBack Alley Install … Anything Helps 6 shack by Andrew H. Shirley / The Beginning, If Not the End by William Thomas Porter and UFO 907 (photo by Danny Johnson)
L.A.  4/28/17  VICE:   “Legendary Vandals Built a Dystopian Fantasy Land”  by J.H. Fearless  ……..   “It’s designed to be an immersive experience: “There’s a bleakness in this post apocalyptic land that mirrors the bleakness, maybe, in today’s social climate,” says Andrew H. Shirley, who created the film and organized the show. His goal with this experience is to get each of us thinking about the world we’re living in, and whether we even belong in it.1493325493744-IMG_20170415_200727_724.jpegNeon UFO by Amy Smalls and George Vidas, featuring various work on the walls including ARMER BKF.
L.A.  4/20/17  HYPERALLERGIC: “A Punk Take on The Wizard of Oz Screens in a Massive Graffiti Installation” by Tod Seelie  ….. The film itself resembles a post-apocalyptic, beer-and-weed-fueled buddy road trip evoking Dorothy’s journey in The Wizard of Oz.Wastedland2-SuperchiefGallery-TodSeelie-20.jpgWolftits front and center at the screening, opening night. (photo by Tod Seelie)
PORTLAND  4/18/17  WILLIAMETTE WEEKLY  Post-Apocalyptic Short Film Wastedland 2 is “Teletubbies Meets Waiting for Godot, With Spray-Paint Cans” by Isabel ZachariasWastedland 2, the brilliantly bizarro short film graffiti writer and video artist Andrew H. Shirley, […] Most commonly it’s screened, as it will be in Portland, among piles of garbage and cryptic groupings of spray-painted words. 04550016.jpgTrust Collective Gallery in Downtown Portland. Garbage Istallation by Andrew H. Shirley, Shea Cote and Scripture painting by Rambo. (photo by Daniel Kruse)
PORTLAND 4/30/17 THE OVER MAGAZINE  “Wastedland 2 Takes Portland: Meet Andrew H. Shirley”  by Reed Wojick As Andrew brought the culture to Portland, the sidewalks flooded with those of a passion, desire, and urge to possibly refresh their mind of the truth behind the realistic world we live in: a constant question of fate.1493575069537-1.jpeg(photo by Daniel Kruse)


IN PRINT: Immersive Film Experience: ‘Wastedland 2’

Journey into ‘Wastedland’ New York artist turns IAO Gallery space into an immersive setting for his post-apocalyptic short film by Brandy McDonnell
IMG_2207This story appeared in the March 5th Sunday Life section of The Oklahoman. (VIEW FULL ARTICLE HERE)
“There are many practices of guerrilla filmmaking that were being executed during the filmmaking process of ‘Wastedland’; most notably, we didn’t ask for permission to shoot anywhere. We saw a location behind a fence, we either cut a hole in the fence or we found the hole. And that’s how I approach not only my art but I also approach life. I’m not waiting for someone to hand me an opportunity; I’m going to create the opportunity myself.”



UMKC’s Independent Newspaper: “Wastedland 2: Artists Bring Unique Film Screening to Kansas City” by Madison Noordhoek

Jaclyn Danger and Andrew H. Shirley inside the secret Kansas City bridge amphitheater where screening took place (photo by Madison Noordhoek)
“Collaborative artists foster revolutionary ideas while thriving off each other’s creativity. Jaclyn Danger, co-founder of screening collective The Cannonball Roarers, hosted a unique “secret screening” in an undisclosed location of Kansas City. Danger’s mission is to screen off-the-radar films in the urban environment to provide a more enhanced viewing experience. She has teamed up with her colleague, Matt Lloyd to launch the latest screening of Wastedland 2, a film produced by Andrew H. Shirley. […]
The first impression of the dopey, animal-like characters struck the audience with laughter and remarks such as “Sounds dope!” or “I love to paint, I love beer!” The film progressed silently, keeping the audience intrigued with the drunken vandals activities being projected onto the cement wall in front of them. The characters relate to the audience when they propose questions such as “What are we doing here? Is this a total waste of time?” and of course, “What’s the point?” These are questions everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives.
Their question is finally answered when a robotic character tells them “The fact that you asked the question, is the reason for the question itself.” Failing to interpret such an ambiguous response, the spirit animals follow suspicious wires to discover the source, and also the “truth”. Audiences will have to watch the movie in order to discover the enlightenment for themselves.” FULL ARTICLE HERE
The Cannonball Rollers‘ Jaclyn Danger’s photos can be seen here  art work on walls by H8U crew