L.A. NOV. 9th Classic Episodes and Repeat Offenders

On Saturday November 9th at 7pm UFO 907’s solo show at Avenue des Arts (in Downtown LA) will close out with a special screening of Wastedland 2.  Following the film there will a q&a with the films director, Andrew H. Shirley and artist UFO 907 who have spent years together on misadventures from lurking NYC streets to hiking the Appalachian Trail.  The film was both an autobiographical homage Shirley made to UFO, as well an art piece that allowed UFO to showcase his three dimensional artwork- such as the UFO spaceship.
The cost of the event is free but guests are encouraged to RSVP here.
Amoeba and Wolftits encounter the UFO spaceship in a field somewhere. (film still)
“Classic Episodes” by UFO 907 … New York’s Graffiti scrawling Legend brings it to Los Angeles and true to form coming with another prolific body of 39 unique new works. Twenty-one of which are custom built shaped canvases breaking free from the confines of the traditional canvas. With these dynamic new works UFO steps boldly onto the wall to meet the viewer eye to eye. Drawing from the wealth of personal experiences as well as pop culture and media references of his day, UFO907 brings us otherworldly interpretations of “Classic Episodes” found in everyday life. Classics such as the Jordan clad skateboarding teenager, the Graffiti vandal escaping by bike, leaving a trail of tags in his midst, hypebeasts adorning ball caps like crowns, gangsters and vandals toting graffiti implements and hiding their identities behind bandanas and sunglasses. UFO’s eclectic subject matter runs the gamut with paintings recalling childhood innocence, the origins of man, and even the age old battle between ketchup and mustard. Through his transformation from a Graffiti artist on the street to a fine artist in the studio, UFO907 has built up his own unique aesthetic that is signature to his artwork. Wielding the spray can akin to the brush in the hands of an impressionist painter, UFO celebrates the unpredictability of the medium. Well placed drips, wild splatters, and layers add textures that capture an energy that exudes from every piece. And of course, most notable to UFO’s style is his highly expressive line work that seems to meander unpredictably throughout the piece yet always finds its mark.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 22.19.47



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