Hecho en Mexico: HETEROFOBIA’s “El Infierno” & a PIZZA PARTY on the RxR


Heterofobia‘s new music video El Infierno (directed by Andrew H. Shirley, 2019) premieres on YouTube July 2nd.  The video was flimed in April 2019, during the Wastedland 2 tour in Mexico.
Confronting the stranger within: El Infierno tells the story of two strangers and their passionate encounter together on the night that they meet. The video stars one of Mexico City’s most prolific graffiti writers- YCKSER, playing both themselves and a Santa Muerte-esque character.  Dressed as death in drag, they embark on a  lyrical dance, evading police while writing the lyrics of the song in spray paint on walls throughout the barrios of Mexico City.
YCKSER evades the police. (film still)
PIZZA PARTY!!! Friday July 19th 7:30pm – Wastedland 2 will screen at the Rail Trail Cafe in New Paltz, NY  along with Nebraska crooner Chevrolet Pile, excerpts from Ben Carney’s Everybody Dies, Dylan Thadani’s Indian Picture Show and friends. Donations accepted…
image1 copy

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