$6.66 on October 30th doors at 7pm/ films at 8pm at ATA’s Other Cinema 992 Valencia st (at 21st street) SF, CA 94110

On this irrepressibly pagan Halloween eve, creature spirits crawl up to the surface of the skin–so come in costume! Featured is outsider Andrew H. Shirley‘s picaresque Wastedland2, on a trio of animal-costumed graffiti artists who, by animal instinct, migrate from one dystopia to the next, tagging the walls as they inquire into selfhood! Co-hit is Youtube ruler Ernest Ramon‘s “critical-paranoiac” conspiracy-rant on Batman‘s origins, Dark Night Rising. PLUS the epic 16mm ending of Toho‘s 60s Turtle-MonsterGamera the Invincible. ALSO other Godzilla goofs, a King Kongcameo, and a rare 16mm peek at the ’65 animal-costumer Bremen Town Musicians!Tricky treats amidst scary smoke machines!! $6.66 

Other Cinema is a long-standing bastion of experimental film, video, and performance in San Francisco’s Mission District- inspired and sustained by the ongoing practice of fine-art filmmaking, as well as engaged essay and documentary forms and also embraces marginalized genres like “orphan” industrial films, home movies, ethnography, and exploitation, as media-archeological core-samples, and blows against consensus reality and the sterility of museum culture.

Flyer by Anson Cyr

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