WASTEDLAND: RICHMOND at Gallery 5 NOVEMBER 4-26, 2016wasted__11UFO Flag” by Amy Smalls (photo by Christian W. Gregory)rva_0936wasted39EKG (photo by Jacob Cunningham) / “The End If Not the Beginning” by UFO 907 and William Thomas Porter w/ EKG’s “Transmission Room” (photo by Christian W. Gregory)downstairs_rva.jpg(photos by Christian W. Gregory and Jacob Cunningham)


Crash Landing” by UFO907 and “What Else is There?” by Greg Henderson (photos by Christian W. Gregory)wasted_53_edit.jpgwasted27.jpg“Wastedland II” by Rambo / “Wastedland 2” by Noxer and “Neon UFO” by Amy Smalls and George Vidas (photos by Christian W. Gregory)
rva_0819_editrva_0906Everyday I Wake Up in Some Trash Heap” Graffiti Cave by Andrew H. Shirley and various vandals (photos by Jacob Cunningham)wasted_23-3.jpgUpstairs with the mechanical UFO by Ryan C. Doyle and UFO 907 (photo by Christian W. Gregory)
Metal Clouds” by DARKCLOUDS / “Piles Upon Piles, Upon Piles, Upon Piles” by Andrew H. Shirley (photo by Andrew H. Shirley) / “Do Not Step” by Conrad Carlson / “This Wasted Land” by Greg Henderson (photos by Christian W. Gregory)wasted58.jpgWolftits stands fireside to Rambo’s “Loyal Fire Keeper” and “Nature’s Work Force” (photo by Christian W. Gregory)RAMBO_clean_rva.jpgClean shot of “907 Nature’s Workforce” by RAMBO (photo by Craig Zirpolo)wasted_4.jpgAnything Helps” by Cheylene Tattersall and Conrad Carlson / “Metal Clouds” by DARKCLOUDS / Graffiti by ZONO & JAWSO
Cranky Cat inside his hovel. Traveler’s Signs contributed by Drifter, Joe, and Adam Void (photos by Jacob Cunningham)wl2_raleigh_wolftitsgirlfriendwatchfilm_byekgScreen Shot 2016-12-03 at 10.49.43 PM.png   Close to 600 people attended the opening in Richmond.  Standing room only for the screenings- all the way up the stairs. (photos by Mike Tucci & EKG)
WASTEDLAND: DETROIT Lincoln Art Park Screening SEPTEMBER 23, 2016Free outdoor screening in Lincoln Art Park (photos by Daniel Weintraub)
WASTEDLAND: DETROIT at Make Art Work SEPTEMBER 16, 2016 Over 500 attended the opening night and world debut of Wastedland 2 . Thank you to promoter Chris Goldstein.ekg_wl2_outfront_3ekg_wl2_frontentranceflamewithmattBanner by Detroit Sign Painters and REVEREND / Owner of Recycle Here and Make Art Work Matt Naimi on top of “Car on Fire” (trashed car, fire and graffiti 2016) by Andrew H. Shirley and Hugo Domecq. Featuring graffiti by DEAD KRAK HEAD, FOUR EYES, MINCE, GEN2, and DONT (photos by EKG)
ekg_jamie-rojoTransmission Room” by EKG Graffiti by DRAKE and DONT (Photo by Jaime Rojo)
DRAKE / RAWR / DEAD KRAKHEAD (photos by Phil Conners)2016-10-25-1477428251-1116083-ibrooklynstreetartamysmallsgeorgevidasgen2wastedlandjaimerojodetroit0916web-thumbNeon UFO” by Amy Smalls and George Vidas , “What’s the Point?” by GEN2 and graffiti by PORAB (photo by Jaime Rojo)unspecified-13The New Detroit” by Amanda Wong and Andrew H. Shirley (photo by Phil Conners)unspecified-19Checking out the inside of UFO and William Thomas Porter’s “The Beginning, If Not the End” (photo by Phil Conners)unspecifiedThis Wasted Land” by Greg Henderson (photo by Phil Conners)unspecified-14Ryan C. Doyle and UFO’s mechanical UFO “I Started Writing Graffiti in ’94, I’ve Been Addicted Ever Since” framed by RAMBO’s poetry paintings “Untitled 1 and 2” (photo by Phil Conners)ekg_wl2_smells_allCranky Cat’s Hovel” by Deeker  (photo by EKG)unspecified-3MIND DETRGNT (photo by Phil Conners)
Popcorn Machine” by WOLFTITS  and SHE WOLF  serving up some hot popcorn  (photos by Phil Conners)
“Metal Clouds”  by DARKCLOUDS (Photo by Jaime Rojo)
Amoeba and friends enjoying popcorn and watching the film inside of Adam Void’s “Anything Helps.”  (photo by Phil Conners) “Anything Helps” by Adam Void (photo by EKG) Detail of “Anything Helps” by Adam Void (photo by EKG)2016-10-25-1477428024-2078780-brooklynstreetartwastedlandjaimerojodetroit0916web2-thumbThe view from the church pews (Photo by Jaime Rojo)
Some of Detroit’s finest- PERU, ARMY, BRZM, YOGRT, SECT, ELMER, SOHOE (photos by Phil Conners)
Unstoppable Death Machines in action, VJ images by PRISMVIEWS (photo by EKG) / Zak Warman and LT. DAN pretty much killed the entire evening with their surprise/ un- announced set. VJ images by PRISMVIEWS (photo by David Roman)unspecified-15Standing room only for the debut screenings of Wastedland 2.  Over 300 people were present for the screening, close to 500 attended the exhibition on opening night. (photo by Phil Conners)