IMG_2207Front page news in Oklahoma – March 2017.
9/12/16 DETROIT METRO TIMES  ‘Wastedland: Detroit’ to take over Recycle Here this Friday by Michael Jackman
9/27/16 MASS APPEAL  “Wastedland 2” Turns Detroit Factory into Graffiti Wonderland by Ray Mock
10/26/16 HUFFINGTON POST When Counter-Culture Becomes Culture: Wastedland 2 and Andrew H. Shirley by Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington
11/2/16 RVA MAG Gallery5 to Transform into a Post-Apocalyptic Graffiti Wonderland with ‘Wastedland 2’  by Amy David
11/7/16 COMMON WEALTH TIMES  Gallery 5 Presents: WASTEDLAND 2  by Sarah King
11/18/2016 RVA MAGAZINE The Writing on the Wall by Samantha Willis
10/31/16 MOUNTAIN XPRESS  Wastedland 2 screens at the Burger Bar, Nov. 6 by Alli Marshall
11/14/16 RALEIGH AGENDA  Raleigh Film Underground Is Working to Enrich Raleigh’s Counter-Culture by Mike Ferrell
2/15/17 405 MAGAZINE OKC GALLERY’S SURREAL SHOW by Louise Scrivens
3/5/17 NEWS OK  Interviews: New York artist Andrew H. Shirley brings immersive film experience ‘Wastedland 2’ to Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery by Brandy McDonnell
2/22/17 UNIVERSITY NEWS UMKC’s INDEPENDENT STUDENT NEWSPAPER  Wastedland 2: Artists Bring Unique Film Screening to Kansas City 
2/15/17 CITY BEAT MAGAZINE To Do: Wastedland 2 at The Lodge by MAIJA ZUMMO
4/9/17 VANDALOG  Upcoming: A West Cost Tour for Wastedland 2 by RJ Rushmore
4/20/17 HYPERALLERGIC A Punk Take on The Wizard of Oz Screens in a Massive Graffiti Installation by Tod Seelie
4/28/17 VICE: CREATORS PROJECT Legendary Vandals Built a Dystopian Fantasy Land by JH Fearless
4/18/17 WILLAMETTE WEEKLY Post-Apocalyptic Short Film Wastedland 2 is “Teletubbies Meets Waiting for Godot, With Spray-Paint Cans” By Isabel Zacharias
4/19/17 AMADEUS: Wastedland 2: What’s the Point?” by Reed Wojick
4/30/17 OVER MAGAZINE Wastedland 2 Takes Portland: Meet Andrew H. Shirley By Reed Wojick
5/19/17 PT/FT Wastedland 2 at The Holland Project by Tucker Rash
5/25/17 WESTWORDTen Things to Do in Denver for Under $10 by Westword Staff
6/2/17 LITTLE VILLAGE MAGAZINE Graffiti-inspired exhibition, ‘Wastedland 2,’ features the post-apocalyptic at RADinc. by Paul Osgerby
6/4/17 IOWA CITY PRESS CITIZEN RADInc. Gives Iowa City Artists and Businesses a Place to Start by Zach Berg
8/30/17 UNTAPPED CITIES 18 Art Installations and Exhibits Not to Miss in NYC in September 2017 by AFine Lyne
9/1/17 BROOKLYN VEGAN  Ninjasonik & more playing graffiti artist UFO’s “Wastedland 2″ installation in Brooklyn by Bill Pearis
9/5/17 TIDAL  Let Unstoppable Death Machines Take You to Wastedland  by  Brenna Ehrlich
9/07/17 THE STREET SPOT Wastedland 2: The Quest for UFO 907 & The Meaning of It All by Luna Park
9/10/17 BUST MAGAZINE Wastedland 2: Spray-Painting Your Existential Crisis by Bri Kane
9/14/17 STREET ART NYC Wastedland 2 to Make Its NYC Premiere at Knockdown Center  by Staff
9/15/17 BEDFORD & BOWERY Wastedland 2 Is an Art Show of Post-Apocalyptic Proportions by Nick McManus
9/25/17 MASS APPEAL Hey, You’re Cool: Graffiti Artist UFO 907  by Lei Takanashi
10/25/17 VANDALOG Andrew H. Shirley’s Traveling Sideshow Visits Superchief Gallery for Halloween by Rhiannon Platt
11/16/17 THE SOURCE Superchief Gallery Presents: Wastedland 2 by Sha Be Allah