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IN PRINT: Rated #3 All-time Graffiti film by Enrico Isamu Oyama for Bijutso Techo (monthly art magazine in Japan)
“A new Wizard of Oz for the Anarchist Street Youth.” Charlie Ahearn Director of Wild Style
“Wastedland 2 ambitiously holds up graffiti as a mirror of mankind’s search for meaning.” Isabel Zacharias Willamette Weekly
“Unreality has made an unexpected narrative incursion into the usually predictable world of Graffiti Art or maybe this is Graffiti’s break-in into the abandoned back lot of the Brothers Grimm.” Bill Daniel Director of Who is Bozo Texino? : The Secret History of Hobo Graffiti and author of Mostly True.
“Wastedland 2 is a road trip without road, a therapeutic buddy film without saccharine, staged in a post apocalyptic terrain that is revealed as graffiti oasis. The hapless beer- and weed-fueled journey is pure youthful angst suspended in chemicals and many in the audience laughed in recognition at the head-banging frustration voiced about fundamental life questions by these furry characters.” Jamie Rojo & Steven Harrington of Brooklyn Street Art
9/12/16 DETROIT METRO TIMES  ‘Wastedland: Detroit’ to take over Recycle Here this Friday by Michael Jackman
9/27/16 MASS APPEAL  “Wastedland 2” Turns Detroit Factory into Graffiti Wonderland by Ray Mock
10/26/16 HUFFINGTON POST When Counter-Culture Becomes Culture: Wastedland 2 and Andrew H. Shirley by Jaime Rojo and Steven Harrington
11/2/16 RVA MAG Gallery5 to Transform into a Post-Apocalyptic Graffiti Wonderland with ‘Wastedland 2’  by Amy David
11/7/16 COMMON WEALTH TIMES  Gallery 5 Presents: WASTEDLAND 2″  by Sarah King
11/18/2016 RVA MAGAZINE The Writing on the Wall by Samantha Willis
10/31/16 MOUNTAIN XPRESS  Wastedland 2 screens at the Burger Bar, Nov. 6 by Alli Marshall
11/14/16 RALEIGH AGENDA  Raleigh Film Underground Is Working to Enrich Raleigh’s Counter-Culture by Mike Ferrell
IN PRINT: Front page in OKC’s OK News
2/15/17 405 MAGAZINE OKC GALLERY’S SURREAL SHOW by Louise Scrivens
3/5/17 NEWS OK  Interviews: New York artist Andrew H. Shirley brings immersive film experience ‘Wastedland 2’ to Individual Artists of Oklahoma Gallery by Brandy McDonnell
2/22/17 UNIVERSITY NEWS UMKC’s INDEPENDENT STUDENT NEWSPAPER  Wastedland 2: Artists Bring Unique Film Screening to Kansas City 
2/15/17 CITY BEAT MAGAZINE To Do: Wastedland 2 at The Lodge by MAIJA ZUMMO
4/9/17 VANDALOG  Upcoming: A West Cost Tour for Wastedland 2 by RJ Rushmore
4/20/17 HYPERALLERGIC A Punk Take on The Wizard of Oz Screens in a Massive Graffiti Installation by Tod Seelie
4/28/17 VICE: CREATORS PROJECT Legendary Vandals Built a Dystopian Fantasy Land by JH Fearless
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IN PRINT: Featured film review in PDX’s Willamette Weekly
4/18/17 WILLAMETTE WEEKLY Post-Apocalyptic Short Film Wastedland 2 is “Teletubbies Meets Waiting for Godot, With Spray-Paint Cans” By Isabel Zacharias
4/19/17 AMADEUS: Wastedland 2: What’s the Point?” by Reed Wojick
4/30/17 OVER MAGAZINE Wastedland 2 Takes Portland: Meet Andrew H. Shirley By Reed Wojick
5/19/17 PT/FT Wastedland 2 at The Holland Project by Tucker Rash
5/25/17 WESTWORDTen Things to Do in Denver for Under $10 by Westword Staff
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IN PRINT: Front page of the Iowa City Press Citizen
6/2/17 LITTLE VILLAGE MAGAZINE Graffiti-inspired exhibition, ‘Wastedland 2,’ features the post-apocalyptic at RADinc. by Paul Osgerby
6/4/17 IOWA CITY PRESS CITIZEN RADInc. Gives Iowa City Artists and Businesses a Place to Start by Zach Berg
8/02/17 NORTHERN DUTCHESS NEWS Local Filmmaker to Bring ‘Traveling Sideshow’ to Region by Kate Goldsmith
8/04/17 BLUE STONE PRESS The Hole in the Fence Theory… or, the magical treehouse, or a High Falls Story by Ann Belmont
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IN PRINT: Full pages in Upstate, NY
8/30/17 UNTAPPED CITIES 18 Art Installations and Exhibits Not to Miss in NYC in September 2017 by AFine Lyne
9/1/17 BROOKLYN VEGAN  Ninjasonik & more playing graffiti artist UFO’s “Wastedland 2″ installation in Brooklyn by Bill Pearis
9/5/17 TIDAL  Let Unstoppable Death Machines Take You to Wastedland  by  Brenna Ehrlich
9/07/17 THE STREET SPOT Wastedland 2: The Quest for UFO 907 & The Meaning of It All by Luna Park
9/10/17 BUST MAGAZINE Wastedland 2: Spray-Painting Your Existential Crisis by Bri Kane
9/14/17 STREET ART NYC Wastedland 2 to Make Its NYC Premiere at Knockdown Center  by Staff
9/15/17 BEDFORD & BOWERY Wastedland 2 Is an Art Show of Post-Apocalyptic Proportions by Nick McManus
9/25/17 MASS APPEAL Hey, You’re Cool: Graffiti Artist UFO 907  by Lei Takanashi
10/25/17 VANDALOG Andrew H. Shirley’s Traveling Sideshow Visits Superchief Gallery for Halloween by Rhiannon Platt
11/16/17 THE SOURCE Superchief Gallery Presents: Wastedland 2 by Sha Be Allah
5/13/18 EYE DREAM TV by Sara Debevec Wastedland 2: Spirit Animal Graffiti Artists Wonder Through Anarchic Landscapes, Looking or Answers
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Flags in windows of abandoned building in Detroit by Amy Fisher-Price
5/15/18 DETROIT METRO TIMES Art collective behind naked Trump statues to exhibit new work in Detroit showcase By Violet Ikonomova
7/12/18 THE PORTLAND PHOENIX (The Conway Daily Sun) “Stop Being Boring” By Nick Schroeder
10/4/18 HUDSON VALLEY ONE Check out music at Somewhere Alley and the film Wastedland 2 at O+ By John Burdick