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CAST:  WOLFTITS as himself , AVOID as Amoeba , SMELLER as Cranky Cat , RAMBO as himself, NOXER as The Overlord , EKG as The Robot , TOAST as Glue Sniffer 1 , SNARF as Glue Sniffer 2 , AMANDA WONG as Skeleton Girl , LICKPUSS as herself ,  ANDREA DESTEFANO as She-Wolf  , MENT as Cat Burglar , PETER WISEMAN as Wolftits Stand-In , RODA as Amoeba Stand-In , YUSEF as Amoeba Stand-In, Russell Murphy (not credited) as Cranky Cat Stand-In , UFO 907 as himself , DARRYL NAU as The Voice of UFO , and Hinoki Lynch as Dead Baby
CREW: Written & Directed by Andrew H. Shirley , Director of Photography David Vlasits ,  Editor / VFX / Color Correction Lee Eaton , Film Scored by Craig Andersonic , Additional Camera Jeffrey LoCascio / Jason Summers / Ron Douglas ,  Sound Travis Breitenbach , ADR Recording Jay McClain , Sound FX Design / Re-recording Mixer Mike Frank , Music by Adam Void / UFHoez / Parakeets / Greem Jellyfish / Rap Gang / Dennis Franklin / Lee Eaton / Unstoppable Death Machines , UFO Artwork by UFO 907 ,  Additional UFO Construction  & Design Ryan C. Doyle / William Thomas Porter, Wolftits Animal Suit designed by Briana Barber , Produced by The Superior Bugout (not credited)
ADDITIONAL EXHIBITING ARTISTS:  Amy Smalls, Conrad Carlson, DARKCLOUDS, George Vidas, Greg Henderson
brooklyn-street-art-ufo907-william-thomas-porter-jaime-rojo-bamarts-06-12-web-8    The Beginning If Not the End” by UFO 907 and William Thomas Porter at the Brooklyn Academy of Music c. 2012 (photo by Jaime Rojo)
screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-11-25-36-amThe Beginning If Not the End” by UFO 907 and William Thomas Porter in secret location outside Kingston, NY (photo by Luna Park).
unspecified-10WOLFTITS roller piece in Detroit  (photo by Phil Conners)
screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-11-38-00-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-07-at-11-38-11-pm     700 pound WOLFTITS in Brooklyn, NYC c. 2014 (photos by Luna Park)



AVOID fire extinguisher in North Carolina and NYC to Boston Chinatown  Bathroom curtain from the NYC to Boston Chinatown Bus c. 2010 (photos courtesy of Adam Void)


screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-11-19-27-pmSMELLER and UFO 907 graffiti in Brooklyn, NYC  (stolen photo and photo by Luna Park)


screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-9-45-36-pmMaster Your Body” and “Master Your HeartBQE Billboards by RAMBO (stolen photo and photo by Luna Park)


screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-10-57-26-pmNOXER graffiti in Brooklyn (photo by Ray Mock and stolen photo)
screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-12-12-09-am EKG in the NYC Subways (stolen photo)
1590_bcb41ccdc4363c6848a1d760f26c28a0 EKG at work for Pandemic Gallery show c. 2013 (photo courtesy of Pandemic Gallery)
screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-10-00-56-pmTOAST and SNARF roller in Kingston, NY (stolen photo)
screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-10-09-20-pmscreen-shot-2016-10-07-at-10-09-59-pmAssorted Ceramic work by Amanda Wong  (stolen photos)
img_0291img_0354LOL I’m Dyyying” and “I Fall to Pieces” by Amy Smalls (photo courtesy of Amy Smalls)