IOWA CITY 6/2/17 LITTLE VILLAGE MAGAZINE:  “Graffiti-inspired exhibition, ‘Wastedland 2,’ features the post-apocalyptic at RADinc.” by Paul Osgerby … The Road represents the psychology of unbridled self-examination; it feeds the ever-changing environs of the present moment with a landscape that never settles. Hopping trains, graffitiing in the night and (if you’re lucky) sleeping on a friend’s floor […] These moments heighten one’s awareness of what surrounds them, but, most importantly, what surrounds them inwardly, Shirley explains. “All of that is incorporated constantly into the narrative of my work,” he says. “But I think it’s total immersion. I think it has a reflexive feeling in both the film and the exhibition we put on.”Wastedland-HL.jpgInstall in Process in the front window of RADinc. with wooden sculpture by UFO 907 (photo by Zak Neuman)
RENO  5/19/17 PT/FT:  “Wastedland 2 at the Holland Project” by Tucker Rash … “Visitors of the exhibit soon found themselves seated at two rows of church pews in front of a makeshift projector screen made of a whitewashed piece of wood hung from the ceiling by chains. The pews and the people in them were arranged in close quarters like a group of some ancient species gathered around a campfire to tell stories …”1495208051054.jpegBack Alley Install … Anything Helps 6 shack by Andrew H. Shirley / The Beginning, If Not the End by William Thomas Porter and UFO 907 (photo by Danny Johnson)
L.A.  4/28/17  VICE:   “Legendary Vandals Built a Dystopian Fantasy Land”  by J.H. Fearless  ……..   “It’s designed to be an immersive experience: “There’s a bleakness in this post apocalyptic land that mirrors the bleakness, maybe, in today’s social climate,” says Andrew H. Shirley, who created the film and organized the show. His goal with this experience is to get each of us thinking about the world we’re living in, and whether we even belong in it.1493325493744-IMG_20170415_200727_724.jpegNeon UFO by Amy Smalls and George Vidas, featuring various work on the walls including ARMER BKF.
L.A.  4/20/17  HYPERALLERGIC: “A Punk Take on The Wizard of Oz Screens in a Massive Graffiti Installation” by Tod Seelie  ….. The film itself resembles a post-apocalyptic, beer-and-weed-fueled buddy road trip evoking Dorothy’s journey in The Wizard of Oz.Wastedland2-SuperchiefGallery-TodSeelie-20.jpgWolftits front and center at the screening, opening night. (photo by Tod Seelie)
PORTLAND  4/18/17  WILLIAMETTE WEEKLY  Post-Apocalyptic Short Film Wastedland 2 is “Teletubbies Meets Waiting for Godot, With Spray-Paint Cans” by Isabel ZachariasWastedland 2, the brilliantly bizarro short film graffiti writer and video artist Andrew H. Shirley, […] Most commonly it’s screened, as it will be in Portland, among piles of garbage and cryptic groupings of spray-painted words. 04550016.jpgTrust Collective Gallery in Downtown Portland. Garbage Istallation by Andrew H. Shirley, Shea Cote and Scripture painting by Rambo. (photo by Daniel Kruse)
PORTLAND 4/30/17 THE OVER MAGAZINE  “Wastedland 2 Takes Portland: Meet Andrew H. Shirley”  by Reed Wojick As Andrew brought the culture to Portland, the sidewalks flooded with those of a passion, desire, and urge to possibly refresh their mind of the truth behind the realistic world we live in: a constant question of fate.1493575069537-1.jpeg(photo by Daniel Kruse)


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