UFO 907 to Crash Land KINGSTON’S O+ FESTIVAL (Oct 5-7)

Wastedland 2 follows three solitary vandals (played by Wolftits, Avoid, and Smells) as they roam from one graffiti drenched zone to the next in a never-ending search for beer, weed, a wall to paint, and the answer to their unanimous question of their futility- “what’s the point?!”


UFO 907 outside the Hudson Basilica waiting on a train South. (photo by William Teeth)
Amoeba and Wolftits encounter the UFO spaceship in a field somewhere. (film still)
After traveling the country on a 40 plus city tour- the spaceship from the film (by UFO 907 and William Thomas Porter) has been lurking trackside since July at the Basilica in Hudson, NY patiently waiting to hop a train back home to Kingston, NY.
Ninth Annual O+ Festival October 5-7 KINGSTON POP MUSEUM 672 Broadway Kingston, NY 12401
OPENING NIGHT!!! Friday Oct 5th: Wastedland 2  Immersive film installation  Doors: 6:30pm  Films: 7:30/ 8:30p Music: 9-11p Kingston’s own DJ Bufflo (FTV), Camp Heroes, & Blahsum from Brooklyn
Saturday Oct 6th: Wastedland 2 immersive film installation and film scrrening every hour on the hour. Doors open at Noon. Live Art Competition  2-7p Music by DJ Bufflo & live performance by Ramona Lane.  Live Art Competition featuring BoogieREZ, Skatchface, ENZ, Whitney Luedtke, and Annabelle Popa with winner announced at 6p.
Sunday Oct 7th: Wastedland 2 immersive film installation & completed paintings from Live Art Competition on view 12-5p. Film screens every hour on the hour.
EXHIBITING ARTISTS INCLUDE: Adam VOID, Amy Smalls, Andrew H. Shirley, DARKCLOUDS, EKG, George Vidas, Greg Henderson, NOXER, Ryan C. Doyle, SMELLS, UFO 907, William Thomas Porter, WOLFTITS and site specific rap letters by Kingston’s own FTV crew and friends





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