WASTEDLAND : DETROIT exhibition debut 9/16/16 9:07 pm

“A new Wizard of Oz for the Anarchist Street Youth.” Charlie Ahearn Director of Wild Style


WASTEDLAND: DETROIT exhibition will debut Andrew H. Shirley’s film Wastedland 2 in a 7000 sq foot space  in  Matt Naimi’s new “Make Art Work” facility at Recycle Here (1331 Holden St.)   For this group exhibition, the film will exist as a centerpiece to a decaying post apocalyptic play land of kinetic sculptures and colorful graffiti pieces (from Detroit’s own graffiti artists: ARMY, BRZM, DRAKE, DONT, DYKE, ELMER, FOUR EYES, LIGER, MINCE, PERU, PORAB, REVEREND, SECT, SKWAT, TOUCH, TURDL, YOGRT and others) along side artifacts and characters from the film.
The show opens under a full Harvest moon- Friday September 16th at 9:07 pm.  The Unstoppable Death Machines will be playing with local acts DJ Ihatejail.com (Crazy Jim from Wolf Eyes), Ishtar, Lt. Dan, and Dj’s Abacus, Prismviews, Black Noi$e, Abby and 100% Halal Meat- at 10:30pm until late.
Exhibiting Artists:  Adam VoidAmanda Wong,  Amy Smalls and George Vidas , Ben Wolf,  DARKCLOUDS,  EKG,  Greg Henderson,  Hugo Domecq,  RAMBO,  Ryan C. Doyle,  UFO 907,  William Thomas Porter,  WOLFTITS 
AMOEBA and WOLFTITS encounter UFO for the first time.
In a post apocalyptic world, the last few remaining inhabitants are the spirit animals of graffiti writers.  Three solitary nomadic vandals (played by: Wolftits, Avoid, and Smells) cross paths while on the hunt of the meaning behind the abandoned landscape’s prevailing enigmatic artwork left behind by UFO. Roaming from one decaying zone to the next in a never ending search for beer, weed, and a wall to paint, these artists form a pact with the rest of the desperate survivors (played by Rambo, Noxer, EKG and others). Through the practice of their ritualistic art- they will seek to attain truth and ultimately receive the answer to the question of their futility- “what’s the point?”

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